Everything proceeds for the right way: you discovered that you are pregnant, you did the first ultrasound, you have a mad desire to go shopping ... for you, that you will soon have some more form and do you want to be comfortable, and for him ... or her? Here, this is the problem! Buy Heavenly or Rose Heads? Pants or Gonneline? With mouse or minnie? These are dilemmas.

Dear Mom, we turn to you because we already know that among you and dad the one to have a greater propensity to purchase - more or less compulsive - you are really you, we inform you that there are many other colors, many other models, many other fantasies . A neutral style, let's say. What it can be good for both a boy and for a girl, without risking buying things that you will never put them, even if you have to take into account because among your purchases, the gifts that will make them and its growth at the speed of light, It will be inevitable to leave / forget a few pieces in the cabinet.

But, after all, what is really needed? Before doing something, anything, especially you, beginner in the sector, informed, speaks and confronted with friends who have already had children, with more ferrata sisters or sisters than you, or with the companions of the prepared course, to draw up the list Of all that is necessary and fundamental to have before the birth of your child ... you will avoid panic crises and spend a heritage unnecessarily.

In the first months of life of a newborn it certainly takes a bit of everything, but calculates the amount of stuff that actually serves you: not seven changes counted, one for every day of the week, because it is pure utopia to think that your baby Batuffolino does not get dirty much and that can be dressed, clean and scented from the morning in the evening. It is much more realistic to provide at least three changes a day, which includes body, t-shirt and the inevitable bib (or bavetta), indispensable element for a practical and more or less immaculate outfit.

After the first few months, we already know that your mom's vanity will take over - and it's just like that. So go away to wide pants with pockets, velvet trousers, vest, shirts with double button and wide warmer for boys and - here the list could be infinite - to clothes, sarchiates, dungarees, gonnelines, blouses, wife, top , Headlight, Jackets, Mantelli, Scarves, Scarves, Hats, Short socks and socks and any type of possible and imaginable accessory, even better if in your "mini me" version.

Yes, we also know that you can't wait for that moment to arrive! 😉

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