Dear Parents,

You all, neo, future and consolidated, you have to really have a great strength right now. A great strength of mind to avoid you take from anxiety and anguish in situations like this, which unfolds in these days so long and so equal among them, where you don't know what to do and what to think. But it's not your fault, none of us knows. And a great physical strength, because you have to organize yourself with a thousand home chores and with your children who require so much, but so much attention. And many energies.

Unfortunately there is no absolute and perfect vademecum on how to behave, not only now but in life in general. Life is like this: unpredictable. Sometimes it surprises us with something beautiful. Other times it takes to the test with something less beautiful, with something that makes us falter, which makes us lose balance for a moment, or maybe more. But if it weren't so hard, we would never know where our strength comes, as far as you can push our courage and our will to overcome everything, to go back, stable, stronger than before.

For this reason, dear parents, we are here to tell you to keep up, to stand next to your children, to appreciate every single minute that you are spending with them, to support you, help you, love you, to smile to those unaware eyes of all things Ugly who happen in the world, to hug you and kiss you every time you have the way and desire, to play, sing, dance, watch cartoons together. Think of all the times you wanted to do it and once for a commitment once to another, you could not. Now you can. Now there's all the time you haven't had before. This is the time of cuddling, love, family. This is the time to demonstrate themselves and others how well we want.

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