Here we are! By now the symptoms you recognize them all, although there is always something different.

A new small gattonerà in your home! So soon! Emotion is much, worries even more. How will the elder brother? He will be ready to give up some attention in favor of the new arrival? He'll know what's happening?

The zeal of the firstborn

That's starting doubts about jealousy and how to better manage this situation, making it clear to the firstborn that there will be less love, but there will be double.

And 'quite normal that there is a bit' jealous, feeling unknown to him until then, which is why it is good practice to fully engage your child already during the first few months of waiting, explaining and making people understand that in the belly is growing a little brother or sister that will soon come to know him.


How to deal

The first born of jealousy crisis in children may be different depending on the character and age; a very young child (1-3 years) might have a more explosive of a larger reaction (4-6 years), which may tend to internalize the most dissatisfied with him.

Create expectation and enthusiasm is the right technique, turning a potential stress situation for the child, at a time of play and to look forward to the party.

Why then did not involve him in the choice of the name? Of course, unless you want to call Bing or Peppa Pig, of course ...! Choose the name will make him feel important and participate, creating the basis for a bond that will be a long life.


Listen to your child

The new baby is a delicate moment, we must always remember that a child until the day before was one and only, may feel forgotten and had lost importance.

Reassure, listen, dedicagli the attention that he needs; the child will feel that what is happening concerns him personally. Take care, however, not to transmit the message that the baby can now play with him, rather than let them understand that initially will only sleep, eat and cry; so as not to risk to give expectations that can be disregarded by creating in him a sense of mistrust.


A small Memorandum

Do not blame yourself if you see your child through some moments of sadness or misunderstanding. There are no perfect methods to cross the phase of the new arrival, or instant solutions.

Be loving as always, talk to him, not to be missed opportunity to cuddle him and make him feel present and help. You'll see that your child will welcome the change gradually and, above all, will become the first in being attentive and vigilant against the newcomer.

It 'a beautiful moment for you and your family, live every moment remembering always that something wonderful is happening, and happening right inside you. 💙

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