It 'something that you thought before being pregnant, but now that it's really choose the name of your baby does not seem so simple, right?

For one thing, right now you realize how many people you do not like a genius and begin to wonder how you did not know it before! 😜 Jokes aside. What can be the best name for your baby? Let's go on International names? Or maybe a more particularly, inspired by nature or history? Or, you could even think of anything traditional as the name of the grandparents?

There is a better choice than another, of course, but here we wanted to create a ranking of names that seem to be more widespread in Italy in 2020. Some fall in the rankings after years downhill, others are completely new, because of a greater integration between different cultures, others will probably never go out of fashion.


Baby Names

Favorite names for boys remain on traditional tones, recalling old stories and meanings:

Leonardo: is a name of Germanic origin meaning Strong as a lion. Was it the lockdown period to revive the name? Is this the reason or not, it is definitely a name of great value to be given to your child.

Gabriele: its origin is ancient and brings with it a deeper meaning: strength of God or strength of God. Again, a name of a certain depth and strength, very also used in the Gabriel variant.

Alexander: a classic, very appreciated and used for several years. The meaning is one who protects men, man saveor saving.


Names for girls

If you're expecting a girl, know that they are trendy short names but tell much about himself.

Emma: gentleness combined with strength and power. A name so simple but so full of meaning, very popular all over the world.

Greta: originally Margherita, who later became a proper name. Greta means pearl; such a beautiful name can give a unique preciousness to your baby.

Frida: comes from the German Frieda where "Frieden" means peace. A wonderful meaning combined with the memory of a great painter symbol of energy and unique life force.


The choice

Make a list and discuss this with your partner, with advance and tranquility. Think sound of the nameIf it goes well with the surname and if it is easy to pronounce.

Whether an old or new name, very Italian or international, this is the first moment of responsibility against your child. The choice of name is important because it can affect the way your child will grow and his way of relating to others. Think about it and be guided by the heart, take your time and remember that this will be a great Gift for Life.

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