It's really true, everyone talks about it and there is no opportunity to receive invitations to this event, but we know what it is exactly?

The Baby Shower, as you can imagine, we have borrowed from overseas, where it is organized for Celebrate the future mom and the unborn. It is usually made for the firstborn, but we are sincere: to us the parties likes and nothing prevents you from repeating the party even for the other children! Furthermore, if the Hollywood mothers organize it I don't see why we shouldn't do it too! 😉


Because you do

Separate modesty, it's your baby shower the ideal To announce to friends and relatives the child's sex, in an original and unforgettable way!

So on balloons, DIY decorations And confettiWith a surprise effect, games And riddle Who do you find out if you're about to get a boy or a sissy.

What to say then cakes imaginative modeled in sugar paste? Free vent to imagination and creativity! There are no pre-established rules but only many alternatives to make a very special moment, memorable.


A gift shower

You will have already understood it, "Baby Shower" recalls a "shower" (shower) of gifts For the incoming child (Baby) and for the attention Respolled completely around the future mother. The party is in fact the perfect opportunity for Give useful objects To use right or as soon as the child will be born.

Very often you think of body, socks, bavettas, shoes, covers and sheets for the cradle, as well as some games for the first months of life. Not only, It is important to think of mother tooBother It is that right now it has a great need for attention and care, to be resting and understood in small / great daily problems that you are facing. Here is a pillow for pregnancy and breastfeeding can really make a difference, pampering the mother first, and the little one in her lap accordingly.

The theme of gifts is not at all to be underestimated in short, a reason why many resort to Birth lists, to be done directly online or to be inserted directly into invitations to your party, with useful information on what can truly be useful and welcome, thus raising the expenses to be supported in the first periods.


Ideas for you

But this baby shower ... doesn't seem there fantastic possibility???

Organize yours, follow our simple tips and, above all, enjoy your day from beginning to end! A new life is coming and is ready to overwhelm, in positive, yours.

1. Prepare yours List of guests: only relatives, only friends, all together; you who decide what kind of party you want to have! Remember: the rule is that there are no rules!

2. Choose a theme For the party: from fairy tales to original settings ... fantastic on;

3. Think of yours list of gifts That you would like to receive the guests to inspire;

4. Organize, or prepare yourself, a small buffet to welcome your guests, decorating everything according to the chosen theme;

5. Prepare games and surprises to reveal to everyone if at home you will hang a pink or blue bow!

6. Have fun! You will be a mother, take care of you.💙

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