There was a time when I woke up on Saturday morning and eating breakfast with only coffee and cigarette, put blaring The Doors and I did not do anything at least for a couple of hours. At that time everything was magical and perfect, whole afternoons spent watching the Champions, arguing with my friends about who had made the winning ticket, to enjoy every game, cheering for a win, cursing for much more frequent defeats. At that time I was a girl so cool, blackberry, long legs, the most seductive look that you have ever seen and I was in love lost.

Now that girl, Miriam, my wife and a few months ago our son Matthew was born.

Ah, the life of the parent is really fantastic! All those Sunday morning, waking up next to the naked body of your wife and stalling under the covers of her stroking her hair in total relaxation, you remember? Do you remember the evenings drinking beer till late with friends and then go home on foot to masquerade hangover? And the afternoons around on motorbikes? No, forget it, all over.

Now when I go to the grocery store, also step in that department, one where I had never been in my life. Legend has it that the "early years" department existed for years in supermarkets, incredible as I myself missed it completely! Diapers, homogenized, soap for the bath, post-bath oil, wipes and towelettes, creams for irritation and redness, the night light, even the bath thermometer have invented. No I say, the bath thermometer? In short, we want to give an account? A diabolical universe of a thousand and one gadget that until recently did not even know existed!

Every time we take a "vacation". Fortunately, there are grandparents, grandparents saints! Just see this little guy does not understand anything, welcome him into their arms, as once I I welcomed the pizza delivery. Eyes a little heart sure!

Today we brought Matthew to their house, leaving him sleeping on the pillowy blessed him, being careful not move a millimeter. We fled to the house, yes, at home, to enjoy an afternoon of sweet doing nothing. Stupendous! Miriam and I we were to rest for a while ', then I opened a beer under the gaze of her envious and we began to see a movie, a real thriller! Nothing Super pajamas, nothing Dr. Plush! What peace ...

After a few hours, here is the car of the grandparents who report the little home. Not even Miranda Priestley was coming directly from "The Devil Wears Prada", where all the staff moves mountains and sea to make the perfect office, we take stand to get rid of anything that is even vaguely suspect. "Take away the beer, system soon the sofa!" Everything magically returns to normal. Matteo is more alert than ever and powerfully recalls the arms of his mother, overjoyed to see her again.

Later I am that I try to put him to sleep, the hill on my chest and began to rock him gently. I know the warmth of my chest comforts him, makes him feel at home. The sound of my voice calms him, and after about ten minutes he collapses. He turned her head, and crane my neck to check if he is really asleep. There it is, with the mouth open, that he begins to sbavarmi on the shirt without any restraint. Everything father him I must say.

However, it is nice to my son ... I stroke his back, thinking about how proud I am. A little me (yes maybe even Miriam) that one day conquer the world, will become a champion and will be contested by all the girls. Well, think about it, see this monster grow is something that is priceless.

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