- From movie we are too late!

- I don't come, I told you.

- Love but what do you say? You have to come, which takes you?

I sit on the bed, I look into her eyes.

- Look at me, do you realize how enormous? I'm not sure even to enter the chair!

- Don't say nonsense, you're wonderful. What are all these insecurities?

- insecurities? Shocks? He speaks, obvious, you are not the one with twenty extra pounds, the legs that look like two trunks and the back that makes me an absurd evil!

- Love, I'm sorry I didn't want to diminish all this. You are beautiful, always, with or without belly.

- I don't believe you, I ... I don't even see my feet, curse! I could do the race with a hot air balloon, I'm very gross!

- Marta is enough for me! We are late and you put yourself thinking about these stupids, let's go!

I can no longer stay and burst to cry, a desperate, inconsolable cry. Alarmed by the nervous crisis that would have done nothing but aggravate the delay and use from my state, Claudio kneels in front of me and takes my face in my hands.

He completely changes to tell me: - my love please forgive me, I didn't want to. I didn't have to exaggerate like that, am I not really angry ok? Come here, dried the tears, come on. Come with me, look.

I slightly stop crying, shooting up with a nose and I get up. Holding me by the hand to me to the mirror.

- Look at my love, you're simply the most beautiful hot air balloon that exists in the world!

I burst out laughing immediately, these damned hormones that take away every whit of firmness.

- You realize that even a month you will no longer be so enormous, so tired and we will have our wonderful child. Among other things, I love you to die you know?

Trying to regain a minimum of chain, I concentrate on the last words of him so as not to restart to cry. Finally we go to the cinema where our friends await us, no one comments on my awkwardness in sitting and inevitably I widen me on both arms. Claudio and I look at the entire film holding us, his closeness makes me relax gradually.

Later, once in bed, I can't sleep although I'm tired dead. Mille Thoughts crowd me the mind. Claudio next to me sleeps for a while, after the effort he did tonight if he deserves it. Sooner or then my paranoia and we will make him go crazy, poor dear.

I try to concentrate on the monotonous rain ticking on the window glass, nothing. I approach the pillow from pregnancy, we set it well under my head and between your legs, since it is the only thing that has been a tremendous back pain from relief.

I begin to fantasize about our child ... soon instead of my belly, we will fill the pillow. Will he eat everything right? Will he be able to sleep easily? He will go well at school or will he make me despair like my brother with our mother? Will he like the sport or he will be a more introverted type? What university will he choose? In front of the eyes I have all the possible scenarios, a journey with the imagination until the day of the wedding of him ... "calm, stay calm", I tell myself. "All this will face it with time, pass will pass whatever. You will see that your child will grow very well, you'll see that he will make you grow. "

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