In the kitchen there is a very good scent! I'm cooking for tonight's dinner and in the oven there is already my famous parmigiana. Right now almost all surfaces are occupied by bowls and bowls, trays full of sandwiches, dirty pots, ladles, clean dishes, dirty dishes, bottles of wine, bags, fruit baskets, Scottex anywhere. If my mother arrived now in the kitchen she would be a shot! Soon Roberto will return to work and give me a hand. Will you remember buying desserts?

I almost finished preparing and first I also managed to breastfeed Gaia very easily. Now she rests quietly on her pillow and I can enjoy the silence of the house in peace. Every time I look at it so sweet and defenseless, I can't believe you are mine. I can't believe that now there is a part of me who has life. She's gorgeous. She's my daughter. I look at it with absolute love, with pride, that small and adorable part of me that she is sleeping and drooling on her pillow.

Of course, the unexpected ones are always around the corner ...

- Pronto Ale?

- Hey Mary how are you? I called you to find out if I have to bring something for tonight's dinner. I was thinking of a bottle of wine, what do you say? And the time? Confirmed at 9pm from you?

- Yes, the wine is fine. Ale for the 21st here at home, try to be punctual by!

- What do you think is the case to put the heels or not? Who invited tonight?

- Mmm, send me a photo, I don't think I can stay a lot on your phone right now.

- Because?

- We had a small setback.

- What have you done? Did you skip the kitchen?

- No no, I didn't combine anything. Roberto did everything alone.

- Do you mean me what happened?

- I'm just telling you that right now he is in the bathroom and does that scream that vomiting will never go from the dress!

- But should he be back now from work? How does he already be drunk?

- Not the vomit of him, that of Gaia!

- Mary I'm not understanding anything!

- But nothing, Roberto made a casino with a gay a little while ago. He took the little girl in her arms and put her pearls of her that she enjoys the crazy. It is seen that he holds it too strong and two seconds after you vomited everything in my mouth! I don't tell you how much I rice!

- Can't you believe it, and he?

- And that he had to do, he spated on the ground, he put it immediately and put the dress clean up that now obviously is a disaster! I don't know how to tell him that when Gaia is leaning in the pillow it's probably because she has just finished the feed! Nothing, she doesn't go into my head.

- Well, I think this is not forgotten!

- next time I stick over a post-it, look! "Don't touch, she just ate!"

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