- Anna you hurry?

- I arrive.

- It's half an hour you say so, move, if we arrive a movie started then they are your own.

- Here I am.

For his luck we arrive in time, we take tickets, the obligatory most coca-cola mandatory and let's look for the room. I looked at the white sweater, too long to be a sweater, too short to be a dress. She pulls away from the scarf the long red hair, finally sits and looks at me with her green eyes, curious about her. The fixed a little smile, all of a stretch I leave you saying: "You know it wouldn't be bad to make a son." For a while the Coca-Cola went out of his nose. After sending the sip down and dried her eyes, her with choked voice she simply tells me: "But Stop".

We had never faced the subject, so the surprise. I actually think about it for a while. For three years we've been living and I'm a fairy tale with her. Of course like all women she is out of my mind, completely crazy. She speaks alone. In the morning to go to work she tries four or five clothes combinations, never who had seen her really satisfied. She sleeps exactly at the center of the bed, without any chance to make me earn even a centimeter. She would be able to eat sweets at any time of day jumping normal meals. And then she breaks her balls for anything. I'm crazy about her.

The next day I was helping her to mount a shelf in the bathroom, sheet of the instructions in her hand, she completely unconscious about to do.

- Then? Do you want a child?

- What do you need?

For a moment I don't understand, then I see that it indicates the drill I have in your hand. She appeared patiently, observing all the changes of her face shades: white corpse, red tomato, panic blue.

- Why now do you have all this desire to become a father?

- Mah you know how it is, I'm getting old. Soon I won't have all these energies, I stayed without hair. I would like a child before you flee with a model of Calvin Klein to live a dream life in Madagascar.

- The hair didn't even have three years ago.

- True. So what do you think?

- If you crie down you get up.

- OK.

- The cradle at her.

- OK. For these things don't worry. My brother has already advised me to use Neimo during and after pregnancy. He says he is using him with Alessio and who are very well. She also her wife confirms that the pillow was helpful.

- And if he is not nice?

- We'll teach him.

- What if we are not sympathetic?

- I'm sure we'll do it. You are brilliant, I am beautiful. It will be perfect you will see.

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