I warm myself a cup of milk, I go back and forth in lenses in the kitchen. Riccardo came out shopping and I enjoy the calm and peace of silence. I don't mind staying a little alone, I have so many thoughts for your mind, so many things to metabolize. Step a hand under the red sweater, stroking my belly instinctively. He begins to see himself a little more, but nothing to worry about still in my clothes.

Yesterday we went to do our regular ultrasound, but it was far from regular ...

- Well lady, I have to give her a wonderful news - he says our doctor.

- Maybe it's better that she sits down - he added to my husband.

Not one, but two. Riccardo almost fainted, while I tried to repeat those words in the mind. Not one, but two. Actually I was a little under shock, I didn't expect anything like that. We returned home frastornati, scared, but very happy. There were two little ones, two wonderful treasures inside me.

I could not believe it, everything we had designed in these two months now went completely revised. "And if two females were?", "No, I feel it, they are two boys. God I can't wait to take them to the stadium! " Every single dress, every shoe, the cradle, the bottle, we should have doubled everything now. Everything except the pregnancy cushion, since we bought one we from the beginning and then we received an identical one as a gift from one of our dear friend. We didn't know what to do until yesterday, now they are resting on our bed to get used to the idea that one day will envelop our two children. I'll have to start using both pillows, so they will both retain my scent.

Cytophon, is Riccardo.

- Love, can I ask you what you bought? What's in all those envelopes?

- Nothing nothing, I took a little bit for the twins.

- Varnous ...?

"But yes, I thought they won't want to divide their things, so I took a little of everything.

Riccardo, like every being male to the world hates shopping, must be under something. I stop for a moment to look at what inspired these shopping.

- Two remote-controlled cars, two Inter shirts, two soccer balls. Do you know that these are things that will use in a few years true? But then Riccardo, if they were females what do we do this stuff?

- I don't think it will happen, but if just happen, my daughters will love football and Inter, I give you my word.

I don't know what to do with him really, but it's so happy that I don't have the courage to insist. Actually seeing his smile, feeling all that enthusiasm makes me think with certainty that he will be a great father. When I told him I was pregnant I had an incredible fear, but from the beginning he didn't let me reassure me and tell me that he was totally happy. The lightness of him, all the premules and of him love of him transmit an incredible trust.

I begin to dream of our two children with open eyes, secretly hoping that they are two sissies, to the names I would like to give them, to what would be happy my mother and how much she would spoil her.

I continue to caress this little belly that will soon become huge, the heart full of emotion, a love that can do nothing but double. We are waiting for you mine.

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